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Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

"Karen Tripi has helped us recruit some of the best talent in the business, over many years of working with Ogilvy in areas ranging from digital to CRM to branding. I highly recommend her."
Carla Hendra
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy North America

"I’ve worked with Karen and her team for many years as a source of talent and as a career coach. She’s a professional of the highest caliber; she does her research and presents candidates that not only possess the skills, but also are a cultural fit for the organization. As our industry evolves, I count on Karen Tripi Associates to find the best data and digital marketers in the industry."
Rob Stagno
President at Paradysz

"I have known Karen Tripi for many years in several different capacities. Her many years of experience in digital marketing, her innate talents at building winning teams, and her ability to truly understand the clients needs are undoubtedly what has made KTA as successful as it is. Her ability to present top level candidates and provide top notch service at the same time is what makes KTA such a pleasure to work with."
Steve Kietz
President, Inte Q

"I have known Karen Tripi and have worked with her organization since 2006. Over the years she has become a trusted advisor. She is a rare combination of intelligence, integrity, and charm. Karen has a sixth sense about people and an uncanny ability to match up a candidate with the right company. This is most certainly due to her vast network of senior players in the digital world and her ability to always know the pulse of the inside story of the industry. I believe that is she one of the leading recruiters of senior marketing executives and I endorse her wholeheartedly."
Andy Jacobs
General Manager - Web Experience Management Solutions at Razorfish Technology Platforms

"I've worked with Karen for more than 25 years and there's no one whose counsel, insight and incredibly creative hard, smart work, I admire more. She is unfailingly passionate about finding, nurturing, placing and investing the best of herself on behalf of her clients and those she represents. She digs deep because she cares about aligning right people in right opportunities, for immediate and long term success. When Karen's on your team, your job of recruiting and retaining the best talent for your organization becomes, frankly, so much easier! I'm just one of a whole legion of successful marketing professionals who value Karen and her team as uber colleagues and highly trusted friends. Recommending her without reservation is an honor."
Deb Coulson
VP Marketing, Connected Vehicle at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

"I’ve worked with Karen, Linda and their team many times and in a number of capacities. What has impressed me most is the depth and breadth of both their knowledge and connectedness across agencies and verticals. They have an uncanny ability in terms of matching candidates with the right opportunities from the standpoint of skills and cultural fit coupled with an incredible acumen and passion for truly preparing candidates for potential opportunities. Whether you are seeking the right talent or new opportunities, these are professionals to whom you should turn."
John Mahler
Partner, Director of Strategy, Greater Than One, Inc.

"I have worked with Karen Tripi for almost 9 years. Her firm's success comes from her passion for what she does, but more importantly, from her genuine caring and commitment for her clients. She has a natural knack for assessing the culture and for knowing a good fit when she sees one. She is always fair in her dealings with people. Whenever we've had to pull back on a search, Karen has always been gracious and understanding. She is in tune with the market and the economy, and stays on top of the industry. The candidates she sends to us speak of Karen and her team as if they are family. Over the years Karen has not been just an admired colleague, but she has become a trusted friend."
Linda Sorbera
SVP, Director of HR, MRM Worldwide

"Karen Tripi understands strategy and gets the nuances between a social strategist, digital strategist, brand, business and communications. strategists She also knows well how to find those rare birds that are hybrids and fully integrated. She is extremely skilled at matching people and companies culturally. It’s a rare talent and I would always go to her for all things strategic"
Vicky Aloneftis
Experienced Global Brand Planner/Strategist/ Qualitative Consultant

"Karen manages a professional and proficient organization and embodies the same characteristics. Having worked with Karen to identify superior talent and to move ahead in my own career, I have absolutely no reservation in recommending her and Karen Tripi Associates."
Nils von Zelowitz
VP, Managing Director at Bravo

"Karen knows her business and does it better than anyone else I've met! I've worked with Karen for more than a decade. She knows the Who's Who of digital and interactive marketing. As a fellow marketer, she understands her clients. She gets to know their needs and pinpoints the right candidates. For digital marketing talent, Karen is the pointwoman."
Steve Markowitz
Co-founder and Investor | Former IPO CEO










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